MESSAGE FROM MANAGING DIRECTOR 2023-06-02T09:39:14+01:00

Advance Recruitment Services Pvt. Ltd. takes pride in being the leading vendor of outsourced manpower and wants to humbly thank all its national and international associates and clients, who trusted us enough to make this possible. Having been in the industry for over working years, we envision global prosperity as well as mutual welfare of both skilled Nepalese manpower and overseas businesses deprived of such talent. Nepalese professionals are the most pursued in every sector globally, for their intellectual, technical, physical and adaptive abilities. And when it comes to outsourcing manpower, we’re the first and often the only company, which off-shore employers as well Nepalese professionals find dependable enough. Both understand how we strive to synchronize every vacancy, with the best suited candidate, in the timeliest fashion. Whether it is our candidates with previous overseas employment experience, or those entering into overseas assignments for the first time, we ensure they’re available at the most competitive pay scales, and yet prepared in every which way to deliver maximum efficiency. Even our continual expansion in workforce and client base cannot deter our commitment to you, or compel us to compromise on our quality. We are confident of fulfilling every aspect of your manpower need, to your immense satisfaction. We hereby propose to enter into a strategic alliance with your organization, to provide for the most efficient, economic and responsible manpower from Nepal. Whether it is for recruitment of technical staff, or non-technical, we can be counted upon. With our style of operation, you can be assured of absolute confidentiality and promising results. We stand by every government we make in regards to how perfectly Nepalese professionals can enhance your organizations functioning and productivity. It is a humble declaration that Advance Recruitment Services Pvt. Ltd. reigns supreme when it comes to recruitment from Nepal. It is the opportunity to continue setting examples for the industry; the opportunity to continue creating pacts mutually beneficial to Nepal’s talent and organizations that would give it its real due. Best regards,

Devendra Nembang
Managing Director