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Filling a vacancy in today’s very competitive job market is not as easy task. Unless you are fully equipped with the appropriate competency, it would certainly be difficult to scout the right candidate troy exacting your requirements. The result might mean tremendous wastage in terms of resources, i.e. time and money. If you are encountering this kind of dilemma, you may wanton delegate the takes to us. Trues us, we can mobilize the right personnel for your company in conformity with your needs at reasonable cost. Our pledge goes far beyond quality of employment. Advance Recruitment Services Pvt. Ltd. shall be fully committed in supplying the manpower requirements or clients with reasonable dispatch, efficiency and integrity. On quality assurance is borne by our own highly qualified officials and personnel in modern testing and evaluation methodologies. At the early stage of its inception, it already maintains an active pool of substantial number of pre-screened candidates for placement on a vast range of job categories. At this juncture, in behalf of the officers and staff, allow me to offer our services addressing the current shortage of manpower in your facility by means of facilitating the recruitment of truly qualified personnel. Finally, thank you very much and I look forward to discussing with you in person the details of our services.

Amar Bahadur Tamang
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